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Don’t Mess Things Up: Prepare These Buck’s Party Essentials

As the best man, you would not want to mess up your best buddy’s night by failing to bring the buck’s party essentials. Forgetting any of them can cause minor to major inconveniences or awkward silences. So, before searching for Brisbane strip clubs, take note to prepare the following:

The booze

Unless you don’t drink or get allergies from beer, you must bring alcohol or money for alcohol.

If you’re bringing alcohol to the venue (and if it’s allowed), you should ask the groom about his favourite liquor or beer a few days ahead before the party. If you’re planning to dine at a restaurant or drink at one of the Brisbane strip clubs, browse their websites for the menu. If you’re planning to so some brewery-hopping, ask for their best-selling ales.

Full-tank ride

Surely you’ll be celebrating elsewhere unless one of you has a vast backyard or huge room. If you don’t have a car, you must arrange such a need ahead of time. This is a night when you’ll most definitely be drunk, so be sure to prepare transportation.

You can rent either a limo or a car with a chauffeur to drive all of you home safely.

An itinerary

It always pays to be organised. So, make sure to create an itinerary to follow for your party. It should contain the list of venues, contacts, and reminders. It’s also better to assign the itinerary to two guys, so if one gets too drunk, you still have the other one for backup. No one wants to be confused what to do next, do you?

Having an itinerary saves you time, money, and trouble from overboard impulsive decisions.

Town map

Yes, Google Maps will do fine, but you can’t always rely on good internet coverage during the entire night. So, be sure to bring a map of the town that you’re exploring (especially of course if the wedding is held abroad).

No one really feels like Superman when carrying a map, but being safe is better than being sorry.

The venues

And don’t even think about being wishy-washy with the necessary arrangements with the venues. Don’t procrastinate—start ahead of time to avoid missing out on packages and sweet deals.

There are many Brisbane strip clubs that offer buck’s party promos, so get yours before you get left out.

Your manners

This is a night of enjoying the end your mate’s single life, not a night for acting rubbishy. So, you can be loud, but you should still be respectful to everyone.

Most importantly, this is a night for making memories, so take or prepare the stuff mentioned above to make it unforgettable.

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10 Things that Could Make a Stripper Hate You

Ask any exotic dancer and they will tell you that their job is no walk in the park. It’s both physically and mentally gruelling but they are still capable of keeping up appearances at work. That’s how professional they are. It can take a lot to make them lose their patience towards you as a customer. You should be careful not to do any of the following things when you’re at strip clubs in Brisbane.

  • Sitting in front of the stage without tipping

Usually, strippers only get paid in tips. Taking in the show and getting a lap dance without even giving a dollar per song will get you called out. Worse case, you’ll get a stiletto to the knee.

  • Making it rain . . . but in coins

If you’re that much of a cheapskate that you’re only willing to hand out change, you shouldn’t go to a strip bar in the first place. Coins are slipping hazards and pack a punch when thrown at you.

  • Bragging about the money you’re making

The ladies are glad that you landed your dream job. But when that’s all you’re going to talk about for the whole evening and you’re not even tipping, don’t expect to get a private lap dance soon.

  • Turning up after working out

For many women, nothing could be more appalling than a smelly dude who’s begging for a dance. Always take a shower and change into some fresh clothes before heading out.

  • Taking photos or videos in general

Most, if not all, strip clubs in Brisbane don’t agree to customers taking pictures of their performers. It is even a worse offence when you post the photos on social networking sites.

  • Wearing coarse or sharp items

Want to get a lap dance? Have the money? Awesome, but not when you’re dressed in something that could potentially harm the dancers’ behinds or other body parts.

  • Falling asleep during a show

Nothing could be more insulting to an entertainer than seeing somebody fall asleep during their performance. They work hard to impress you, not make you drowse off so appreciate that.

  • Showing up with an angry partner

Strippers don’t want to hear your girlfriend or even your pal complain about how they don’t want to be there or how society needs to stop portraying females as sex objects.

  • Begging for her real name

If it’s rude to force a girl to tell you her name outside a strip bar, it’s just as impolite inside. The lady will tell you if she likes you and not when you’re throwing death threats.

  • Touching her in any manner

Unless she’s blatantly telling you to put your hands on her, keep off! This also applies to blowing in her ear or trying to graze your foot on her leg.

Exotic dancing is a career just like anstrip clubs in Brisbaney other. Performers in strip clubs in Brisbane need to stay professional but they can have a hard time doing so when you commit any of the faux pas mentioned above.

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Don’t Be That Guy Who Strippers in Brisbane Avoid Like the Plague

If you know any strippers Brisbane clubs have, you know they have their share of horror stories in the stripping business. Given that their jobs require them to interact with a variety of colourful individuals (like that customer who enjoys sniffing hands), their shifts can get pretty interesting.

However, even if they’re exposed to all sorts of weirdness during their work hours and despite having a high tolerance for certain fetishes and unique characters, there are still some things that can make them cringe. And believe it or not, most of the time it’s not the ‘weirdos’ who they run away from. Rather, it’s the regular idiot or jerk who doesn’t know how to behave properly with strippers.

  1. The one who says awkward or inappropriate things

“Will you marry me?” and “You look just like my sister” are statements that can make any dancer stop in the middle of a lap dance and step back. Proposing may seem sweet or romantic to you but it is just awkward for the one who is gyrating on you for bigger tips. And comparing her to your sibling can make anyone jump to a variety of conclusions about how you look at your sister.

Some dancers may be able to look the other way when you blurt out such statements, but they certainly won’t hesitate to have you kicked out when you use foul language or derogatory terms.

  1. The stalker

Some guys can’t help but be captivated by the strippers Brisbane offers, and that’s understandable when your fantasies are being brought to life by such gorgeous beings. However, some individuals tend to get too obsessed with some dancers and start stalking them. You don’t want to be someone who has a restraining order and a lifetime ban from strip clubs.

  1. The Hulk

Yes, too much alcohol and testosterone can make it more difficult to manage tempers, but that’s no excuse to go on a rampage when somebody accidentally spills beer on your shirt. Strippers work hard to create an enjoyable and inviting atmosphere in the club to attract more patrons. Fights and tantrums just ruin the mood and can make them lose good business.

If you’re the guy who loves to make a scene or pick a fight when drunk, don’t expect the dancers to flock towards you.

  1. The chap who tries to get away with breaking the rules

Don’t be that guy who tries to get a free lap dance or who won’t pay his bill because he’s too drunk and he doesn’t remember ordering all those drinks. Strippers need to get paid for the services they provide to make a living. If you wanted freebies, then you shouldn’t have gone to a strip club.

And don’t try to play Mr. Innocent and ‘accidentally’ touch the dancer’s chest with your face because you didn’t know that wasn’t allowed. The next thing your face could be touching is the pavement when security throws you out.

  1. The ‘I don’t want to be here’ guy

Those performances on the stage are meant to entertain the audience. The strippers Brisbane has work hard to give good shows so customers will give more tips. If you’d rather browse your phone, watch the game on the television, or read a book rather than pay attention to the performer and give a few dollars to show your appreciation, then don’t bother going to the club.

And saying that you were just forced to be there is a lame excuse too unless you were dragged in there in chains or at gunpoint.

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Preparing to Have a Wonderful Night at Brisbane Strip Bars

There are only a few things that can beat Brisbane strip bars when it comes to the best places where you and your mates can celebrate an occasion. After all, these places are now the top choice as a venue for bucks parties and other celebrations amongst men. The lovely strippers, superb beer, and other earthly pleasures—what more can you ask for?

However, how you are going to enjoy your experience in these places still entirely depends on how you act and keep it together. Like other things, hanging out at a strip club also involves proper etiquette that you should observe if you want to have the best experience it can offer.

  • Get familiar with the rules.

While you might think that all strip clubs are the same, you should think again! They have some rules that can differ from one joint to another. For example, one club might not be strict about touching, but another might prohibit it totally. And, if you choose one that implements the latter, you better comply to avoid any problem that can ban you from entering the place next time.

Also, do not expect to make crazy requests. Contrary to what some people might have told you, strip clubs are not a place where anything goes. So, you might want to take your fetishes somewhere else. During lap dances, remember that they typically involve standard role-playing and props, so it would be difficult to make the dancers wear strange outfits just to satisfy your own desires.

Again, a strip club’s house rules are its Ten Commandments, so make sure you know them before going.

  • Be neat and tidy.

This is one thing to follow if you want to be treated nicely at Brisbane strip bars. After all, who would like to spend time with you if you smell and look dirty? So, before heading out, take a shower and wear proper attire, as if you are going out on a date—you are going to get up close and personal with a beautiful stripper.

This will not only make your strip club experience great for you, but for the stripper who would give you a lap dance as well.

  • Prepare enough cash.

Do not even think of going to a strip joint with cash for beer only. To get the best out of a strip club, you need to shell out enough money to enjoy all the experiences it has to offer.

There you have it. By remembering these basic preparation tips before going to Brisbane strip bars, your night will most probably go on without a hitch!

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